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Hawaii Optimum Performance (HOP)

Since 2002, HOP Sports Medicine and Performance Training has been providing education, and training, on the skills needed to perform at the highest levels of athleticism.

With over 30 years of athletic training experience, HOP offers medical-based programs that emphasize movement development and functional strength to provide and restore proper biomechanics resulting in improved physical performance.  

HOP Co-owners Kevin Chang, Ross Oshiro, and Former Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett work with all levels of athletes and clients from the recreational, youth,  high school. collegiate, Olympic, and professional levels. 

HOP has expanded to Seattle opening up its new office at Go Time Athletics in West Seattle providing sports medicine and athletic training for local athletes.


The assessment and treatment of orthopedic injuries and pain by a licensed medical professional that specializes in manual therapy, manual therapy, medical massage, and sports rehabilitation.  The goal is to decrease pain, increase movement, and improve strength to help regain normal function and activities.


HOP uses medical-based biomechanical and neuromuscular training to progressively restore function to individuals who are recovering from an injury or surgery.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

HOP’s PEMF treatment uses electromagnetic energy waves to treat acute injuries and chronic medical conditions by increasing cellular energy, decreasing pain, and healing damaged tissue.

Performance Training

Taking an integrated approach to training both the mind and body; HOP systematically focuses on movement development and human performance to correct imbalances and optimize physical ability.

To request an appointment with Kevin or for more information please email or call 206-875-6477.

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