Were you cut from your select team and now have nowhere to play?

Did you tryout and not get selected?

Do you want to get a taste for select baseball but are not ready to commit to a full season of select baseball? 

Do you want to have the opportunity to play and improve your game so that next time you have the opportunity you will be in a better position for success?

We have the program for you. LET'S GO!!!


Go Time Athletics Select Development Program

8U (7-8 year olds), 10U (9-10 year olds), 12U (11-12 year olds) and 14U (13-14 year olds) Select Development Teams formed from players interested that are participating in our Fall Winter training program.

We will be evaluating and selecting the players that have participated in past Go Time Athletics programs and players that will be attending the Fall Winter training program.

(A 9U and 11U team may be available depending on how many sign ups we receive.

If not the 9's will play with the 10U team and the 11's will play with the 12U team.)


Criteria for players signing up for our Select Development Program:


1. Players Participate in Go Time Athletics Fall Winter Training Program

Register for the Fall Winter Training Program HERE

*If a player cannot participate in the Fall Winter Training but still qualifies to participate in our Select Development Program an additional fee will be applied for that player to join the program.

*13 and 14 years olds will have a separate Fall Winter training program

2. Player cannot currently play on a select team

3. Player was cut from a select team or

4. Attended tryouts for a select team and was not selected or

 5. Never played select before

6. Player cannot have quit a select team to come play on our select team

*If you currently play on a select team we will not accept your registration to play on our select development team.

We are not going to grab or convince other players that currently play on other select programs to join our program. This is a Select Development Program for players that have not had the opportunity to play at the higher levels and want the extra work to improve their game so that when they go out for select team tryouts next season they will have a better opportunity to make a team or even their leagues All Star team. 

It is the programs goal to keep the players for only 1 season, 2 if needed to prepare them for the select level.

This will allow players the opportunity to participate in the game they love at the higher levels.

Practices and training will continue after Little League and Pony League season is concluded and the teams will participate in scrimmage games and a minimum of 1 tournament around the area.

We will do everything in our power to provide each player the best opportunity to improve on their game and to find a spot for them in our program.  If the player is not ready to compete at the select level that we are competing in we will offer additional programs for the player to help them get ready for the following select season.

If we are unable to play games due to COVID-19 we will continue to provide training in its place.

Cost to participate in Go Time Athletics Select Development Program


8-14 Year Olds: $795 plus tax


Please email players name, age, birthdate, school attending, parents names, email, phone #

baseball experience and teams played on.

*Do not send payment until requested.

Space is limited per age group

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